Surprise! It's a wedding!
Oct 26, 2017

Could it be possible I bring you two blogs in a row? Well yes, today is your lucky day then!! A short and sweet story brought to you by Chris and Tara. They asked me a long time back to come shoot some pictures at their engagement party, I thought odd request but hey I love these 2 souls so of course I would catch some candid moments. As we all gathered, mostly family and a few friends suspicion grew between us all. We were convinced they were going to have a surprise wedding that day and as Stuttering John’s food truck pulled up how could we be wrong. Assured by Chris and Tara both that a wedding was out of the question, claiming that they wouldn’t cook for 30 people which is why the food truck came, suspicion dissipated in all. I went about my business taking candid shots, catching up with family (as I knew everyone), when we were all asked to the back yard. Chris and Tara stood there and thanked every one for coming and that they wanted to have a celebration with everyone they loved. They went on to say that in 2019 they would have a destination wedding, but, wait for it… “oh heck this is a destination so we are getting married right now!!” The crowd was in disbelief, Tara’s two daughters started to cry with happiness, as did Chris and Tara’s parents and family alike. We were so shocked they kept it from everyone and did such a damn good job at it! They both ran into the house and put a little more formal causal attire on and came back out to the yard where the minister was waiting. It was by far one of the most emotional ceremonies I have been too, such a celebration of love and every one was so happy. I captured some real raw emotion that speaks volumes of this surprise. After the formality of saying I do and exchanging rings- It was chow time! Stuttering Johns was the most delicious BQQ fair in Durham Region ( I may have had one of everything in heaping mounts- see pic) The first ,‘unscheduled’, dance was a serenade from a friend of theirs which, I’m convinced started from a “remember the time you did this”, turned into a reenactment- thus the first dance. We were all in tears again from the laughter of the entertainment that was “the first dance”. Chris and Tara are very close humans to me, and I know they have found happiness in each other for a lifetime. Here’s to all the giggles and dutch treats you can both handle xoxo

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