Nick + Robin King's Riding winter wedding
Jan 10, 2020

Not many people get married in the winter, I think this is a really overlooked as the opportunity for a beautiful wedding! First of all if you get over heated easily, problem solved- Venues are cheaper in the winter and almost every other vendor will offer a discount since it is off season. 
The colours pop so much again the white background outdoors, and if you are lucky enough to get a semi warm day with he sun shining you have won the wedding lottery!

I met Robin years ago at an in home purse party, she was super bubbly, really funny, and was on the phone convincing her boyfriend she needed more purses and stuff lol Her brother proposed to his gf and Robin recommended me (thanks girl!) so I quickly became the person they went to. Even her Bf's family had a photo shoot with me- this time all I heard was she was waiting on the ring! haha
Well her day finally come, Nick finally gave in... I mean loved her so much, he popped the question! I am pretty sure I was notified the next day or even the day of! 

Robin has one of those laughs that make you laugh, can turn a whole room into laughing. Her smile is so bright, I can see why Nick wasn't going to let her go. The wedding day was set for February 2019 at King's Riding golf course in Aurora. Well as luck would have it 6 weeks before the wedding Robin was playing soccer and tore her Achilles tendon. 6 weeks is the min amount of healing time needed, she was determined to walk down the aisle to her husband to be. The day fo the wedding was magical, Robin has a first look with her dad and then Nick. We took amazing photos outside- although cold- that are so vibrant and perfectly them. 

The wedding went off without a hitch, and having an air cast and not supposed to be on her foot Robin managed to still have her slow dances, she changed into a jumpsuit for ease, and boogied on the dance floor with her scooter. Honestly she adapted so well it blew me away! I'll see if I can upload the video as well, but I have never seen anything like it- They have a tradition with family and friends who marry to dance to Rasputin in a huge circle around the bride and groom... It was EPIC!

Congrats to Nick and Robin again, I would say I can't wait to see what your future holds but I already know... These tow are expecting TWINS! (Did I mention Nick is a twin) they really have crazy luck!

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