John + Brittany Holland Marsh Winery
Sep 07, 2017

John and Brittany are young and in Love, you see it, you feel it and everyone around them oozes it with them.
This was my first and long anticipated wait to shoot at a winery.  The nuptials took place at Holland Marsh Winery in Newmarket Ont., such a quint little building with a rustic feel and endless backdrops on the property.
When I had arrived both John and Brittany were ready and waiting to do the first look.  I put john on a boardwalk over the water as he awaited his stunning bride. Brittany was walked down from the building by her big sister, which was a well of emotions on all ends.  As she approached her groom, you could feel the excitement between them and that first look was magic!
They opted to complete most photos before the ceremony, we fought sun and cloud but shooting at a winery filled all the expectations that I had- not to mention how freaking beautiful these two humans are… I could have shot  them all day.  Also I must say , I’m fully loving the navy suit and bridesmaids dress statement this year- it makes for a good looking wedding party! With the skies quickly getting darker we finished our photos literally as the skies opened up with rain.  The ceremony was stalled for about 45 min as they waited for the rain to blow over, and with luck they were married outside as planned.  They had a small Scottish tradition where John placed a sash on Brittany- I’m such a sucker for this type of thing.
Fast forward past the family photos and onto dancing and dinner, always my favorite part because I like food. Haha
Speeches are becoming my secret vice. The emotions of a girl growing up, becoming a woman and now a wife, the funny stories of the groom with his best man. Yep I’m the one hiding a tear behind my camera or bursting out in a laugh learning something funny about this new couple.  The kissing game was “pull a paper from a jar” and act, sing, etc. A Couple of the bridal party were brave enough to act out a movie for the couple to guess… can you guess from this picture?
Every year I challenge myself to learn a new technique- this year was off camera flash to create stunning silhouettes or light bursts for all the feels. I couldn’t be more happy how J & B’s first dance turned out… SWOON..

It truly was a beautiful day, despite the on and off rain, John and Brittany could not have asked for more.  Huge congrats you two and I can’t wait for your stunning babies.. not now, but maybe 5 years!! To see more photos from the wedding day click here


A little word from the couple-

“Just got it today and looked at the photos! Omg they're amazing! The colours and just the photos - the moments you captured!!! I'm in love with the photos! We finished going through them maybe 30 mins ago and my face hurt so bad from smiling at all of them. Thank you so much”

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