Jeff + Sakina Grand Palladium Resort Jamaica
Jan 17, 2020

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post this wedding... Life just get's crazy ya know?! 
Anyway this trip was SO much fun. I'll be totally honest I was a little skeptical about Jamaica, and If I would like it etc. But let me tell you, I am pretty sure I left a piece of my heart there with the jerk pork. 
Jeff and Sakina are the sweetest couple ever, Jeff barely talks and Sakina does all the talking for him- but in a good way. She has a smile and laugh that is so infectious you can't help but laugh, add in her little weird (ok a lot weird in a I am the same weird way) and she is too easy to love! I met Sakina in another wedding I shot a couple years back, so when she reached out to me for her wedding I was all in. They picked locations I could not refuse- Toronto Christmas Market for engagement photos and then Runaway Bay for a wedding in Jamaica. 
Jamaica was breathtaking, from the natural cove, to the super nice people, and all the jerk everything you could eat, I plan on going back VERY soon. 
When you do destination weddings you become family, you are with them a whole week- I mean you don't have to reply hang the whole week, but you kinda do cause it's just too fun. Jeff and Sakina's day went off perfectly, it was a typical hot day, no rain, and tons of love. Honestly I can't even talk too much about it because the photos do all the talking- so I'll let them...

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