I'm not everyone's photographer

Hey you know me, we probably go way back, we might be related, we may have been friends in the past, maybe even acquaintances.

But I'm not meant to be everyone's photographer

You might have just got engaged and thought hey I know a girl that does photography, let me message her. You message with your excitement and trust me, I'm super excited for you too, but I'm out of your price range or you really didn't take the time to check out my style. 

I'm not everyone's photographer

A new life was born, what a time to get those super adorbale Anne Getties posed photos. You remember a girl you used to hang with, you follow her Facebook page and like all her photos, you should totally message her to see if she is down to do some newborn photos. 

"Hey girl, we just had a baby and was wondering if you could do some newborn shots? Haven't seen you in ages, would be cool to catch up!"

"Hey long time no chat, congrats on the new babe. I don't offer newborn posed photos- I do more lifestyle photography- cost is $300 for the hour"

"What's lifestyle? And do you offer mini sessions?" 

I'm not everyone's photographer

You finally got the shiney ring! Nothing more exciting then some serious bling. Maybe you have been in a wedding I have shot, maybe we are family, maybe we have yet to meet. I get the most exciting message about the big day and wanting ME to be the photographer.

"What's your prices?" 

Geesh, at least buy the girl a drink first. 

This is not about prices, this is about how you want your Love story told. This is not about me being family because trust me- open bar sounds more fun then shooting a wedding any day. Not to mention if there are any discrepancies- hello family drama (no thanks!) This is about taking the time to listen to your vision, the end product expectations, the way we interact together to make all this come to fruition.

I am not everyone's photographer

What I'm saying is, I am so totally honoured you have thought of me, you follow my page, you like my work of heart but I am not your photographer in every case just because you know me, and that is 100% OK! We have the same objective at the end of the day, perfectly captured moments. So don't be offended, don't think my head is too high, I'm running a business and trust me it's hard to say


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