Dave + Stacy Sky Haven Retreat Wedding
Jan 29, 2019

I don't even know where to start with these two. Stacy is actually super human, the kindest heart, a girl that knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it. Dave is the purest man, compassionate, and so in love with Stacy. 
At the age of 30 after finding a lump in her breast, Stacy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer was a scary monster she knew all too well as her dad had also passed away from cancer some years before. But I want to reiterate HAD, being the operative word. After  a double mastectomy, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, loosing all her hair, weight gain and generally feeling like.. well... SHIT, she kept pushing on through with her friends and family. Oh and remember Dave?! Ya he proved he wasn't going anywhere proposing to her a month after her surgery. (GO DAVE!)

Two years later Stacy has conquered cancer, she is an advocate and speaks to woman to provide support and fight this monster with them.  She's had 2 reconstruction surgeries, has beautiful blonde locks and is super fit. In Stacy's words when she first heard of her diagnosis and found clarity of what it meant for her she said, "From that first day, it meant I’m going to beat this”. And Beat it she did. 

So when I met these two to discuss about wedding photography I was so moved of course I had to be a part of their day and help tell their story of the best day ever! The boys started off at The Hunt and Dagger barber shop, to get a clean shave, play some pool, and well ummm have a shot or two. The girls were being primped by Glam Jam Parties at Sky Haven Retreat and Equestrian Center. Stacy I would love to say was perfectly composed, but she wasn't, she was a blubbering mess... AND IT WAS PERFECT. I can only imagine the emotions she had making it to her wedding day when 2 years ago her future and life were rocked hard. 
Now I have been saying for years that NONE of my weddings rain. I mean, before or after a ceremony sure, but never during. Well, Dave and Stacy broke my streak. The rain was on an off all morning and wouldn't you know as Stacy stepped out of the car to walk down the aisle to her groom the skies opened up, I'm talking my clothes were still wet 6 hours later, soaked. But Stacy was determined to walk down that aisle as she pictured her day to be, and we were all soaked already why not just continue with the ceremony. It did not put a damper on the wedding what so ever, all guests were smiling, and totally present with this phenomenal couple. 
Of course the rain did not let up for bridal party photos, Stacy's dress was beyond destroyed with mud and water, she didn't even mention it once. You see, Stacy has been faced with her worst nightmare, so rain and a dirty dress is nothing compared to the life she was about to finally live cancer free with the love of her life. 
Half way though the reception Stacy had a surprise for Dave, so we all left to the manor to have a private moment. She left Dave in a room as she went to put on a second dress, as she entered the room to surprise him, his face lit up like he was seeing his bride for the the first time again. Well I've already said how so in love with Stacy Dave is right?! He bought her a SECOND ring.. (I'm not crying, you're crying) 
I can not speak enough about this wedding, the love surrounding them, the amazing future they have going forward and the strength they have in their relationship. This is what love looks like, this is what love is, this is what a relationship is in every shape and form. 
I was graced by Robyn from Brooklin Photography as my second shooter and the ever so talented Eddie Cristobal Videography (click to see the video) to share in every moment (and tear) with me through the day. 
I wish you Dave and Stacy, the world. You both deserve it. You truly are super humans that we need more of in this world! xoxo 

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