No damper on this wedding

I don't even know where to start with these two. Stacy is actually super human, the kindest heart, a girl that knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it. Dave is the purest man, compassionate, and so in love with Stacy. 
At the age of 30 after finding a lump in her breast, Stacy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer was a scary monster she knew all too well as her dad had also passed away from cancer some years before. But I want to reiterate HAD, being the operative word. After  a double mastectomy, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, loosing all her hair, weight gain and generally feeling like.. well... SHIT, she kept pushing on through with her friends and family. Oh and remember Dave?! Ya he proved he wasn't going anywhere proposing to her a month after her surgery. (GO DAVE!)

Two years later Stacy has conquered cancer, she is an advocate and speaks to woman to provide support and fight this monster with them.  She's had 2 reconstruction surgeries, has beautiful blonde locks and is super fit. In Stacy's words when she first heard of her diagnosis and found clarity of what it meant for her she said, "From that first day, it meant I’m going to beat this”. And Beat it she did. 

So when I met these two to discuss about wedding photography I was so moved of course I had to be a part of their day and help tell their story of the best day ever! The boys started off at The Hunt and Dagger barber shop, to get a clean shave, play some pool, and well ummm have a shot or two. The girls were being primped by Glam Jam Parties at Sky Haven Retreat and Equestrian Center. Stacy I would love to say was perfectly composed, but she wasn't, she was a blubbering mess... AND IT WAS PERFECT. I can only imagine the emotions she had making it to her wedding day when 2 years ago her future and life were rocked hard. 
Now I have been saying for years that NONE of my weddings rain. I mean, before or after a ceremony sure, but never during. Well, Dave and Stacy broke my streak. The rain was on an off all morning and wouldn't you know as Stacy stepped out of the car to walk down the aisle to her groom the skies opened up, I'm talking my clothes were still wet 6 hours later, soaked. But Stacy was determined to walk down that aisle as she pictured her day to be, and we were all soaked already why not just continue with the ceremony. It did not put a damper on the wedding what so ever, all guests were smiling, and totally present with this phenomenal couple. 
Of course the rain did not let up for bridal party photos, Stacy's dress was beyond destroyed with mud and water, she didn't even mention it once. You see, Stacy has been faced with her worst nightmare, so rain and a dirty dress is nothing compared to the life she was about to finally live cancer free with the love of her life. 
Half way though the reception Stacy had a surprise for Dave, so we all left to the manor to have a private moment. She left Dave in a room as she went to put on a second dress, as she entered the room to surprise him, his face lit up like he was seeing his bride for the the first time again. Well I've already said how so in love with Stacy Dave is right?! He bought her a SECOND ring.. (I'm not crying, you're crying) 
I can not speak enough about this wedding, the love surrounding them, the amazing future they have going forward and the strength they have in their relationship. This is what love looks like, this is what love is, this is what a relationship is in every shape and form. 
I was graced by Robyn from Brooklin Photography as my second shooter and the ever so talented Eddie Cristobal Videography (click to see the video) to share in every moment (and tear) with me through the day. 
I wish you Dave and Stacy, the world. You both deserve it. You truly are super humans that we need more of in this world! xoxo 

City Hall Elopement

A sweet intimate wedding at City hall in Whitby Ont. 

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A Home run- Matt and Michelle

The summer of 2017 certainly brought a lot of well, uncertainty when weather was concerned and Matt and Michelle’s wedding was no exception.

Let me start off by saying their engagement session was by far one of my favorites, mixing my love for baseball and of course my favorite team The Blue Jays. Not to mention when I posted some photos on Instagram THE Roberto Alomar commented on my photo, a piece of me felt so accomplished and the other part jumped for joy like a little school girl when they won the 92’, 93’ World Series back to back.

I went to Matt’s house where he was getting ready with the boys to capture some details, of course NONE of them were ready and actually sitting around unclothed but they quickly went into high gear and got dressed. Once the guys were ready we took some super fun photos with Matt’s canoe outside and even the groom being held by the dudes- cheesy, but hilarious. It’s easy to tell these two are made for each other and very in love- they endured a long distance relationship for awhile, Michelle in the city and Matt very East of the city. I’m going to assume Matt did not mind it however, since it was closer to all the Jays games in the summer. In their house that they had recently moved into, they have pictures of them and even friends all around. This right here is love, proud, displayed love.

Off to the girls at the beautiful Anderson House B&B in Brooklin, Ont, the sky was starting to darken and no sooner did I get inside that the torrential rain started. As Michelle put on her dress and the finishing touches the rain let up, which allowed us to safely go into the main house for photos. The Anderson house offers, timeless furniture pieces that are perfect for unique photos- a must see. The ceremony and reception took place at The Rolling Acres in Clarington, a cozy little venue with vast property for guests to wander. The most amazing Michelle Scrimgeour- Brown from Transcendent Ceremonies officiated, if you haven’t witnessed a ceremony by her you have not seen the true meaning of hands on, heartfelt ceremonies in my opinion. She evokes so much emotion from the couple and guests alike. Right after Michelle and Matt said their I do’s, they wisked away to the bridal suite with the rain coming down mere minutes after! We waited the rain out for about 20 min and then in the clear for photos for the bridal party. The vibrant greens and sun poking out though the clouds made for some of the most beautiful photos this season. The reception was full of laughs, shared bottle of champagne during the Maid of honors speech, and a game of plinko to make the couple kiss or what ever you landed on, not to forget my favorite- a candy bar! It was a fantastic day, rain didn’t stop this wedding one bit and could not dampen this love. I wish Matt and Michelle a life time of happiness and a baseball team of children! Thank you for having me capture your amazing day.

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Surprise! It's a wedding!

Could it be possible I bring you two blogs in a row? Well yes, today is your lucky day then!! A short and sweet story brought to you by Chris and Tara. They asked me a long time back to come shoot some pictures at their engagement party, I thought odd request but hey I love these 2 souls so of course I would catch some candid moments. As we all gathered, mostly family and a few friends suspicion grew between us all. We were convinced they were going to have a surprise wedding that day and as Stuttering John’s food truck pulled up how could we be wrong. Assured by Chris and Tara both that a wedding was out of the question, claiming that they wouldn’t cook for 30 people which is why the food truck came, suspicion dissipated in all. I went about my business taking candid shots, catching up with family (as I knew everyone), when we were all asked to the back yard. Chris and Tara stood there and thanked every one for coming and that they wanted to have a celebration with everyone they loved. They went on to say that in 2019 they would have a destination wedding, but, wait for it… “oh heck this is a destination so we are getting married right now!!” The crowd was in disbelief, Tara’s two daughters started to cry with happiness, as did Chris and Tara’s parents and family alike. We were so shocked they kept it from everyone and did such a damn good job at it! They both ran into the house and put a little more formal causal attire on and came back out to the yard where the minister was waiting. It was by far one of the most emotional ceremonies I have been too, such a celebration of love and every one was so happy. I captured some real raw emotion that speaks volumes of this surprise. After the formality of saying I do and exchanging rings- It was chow time! Stuttering Johns was the most delicious BQQ fair in Durham Region ( I may have had one of everything in heaping mounts- see pic) The first ,‘unscheduled’, dance was a serenade from a friend of theirs which, I’m convinced started from a “remember the time you did this”, turned into a reenactment- thus the first dance. We were all in tears again from the laughter of the entertainment that was “the first dance”. Chris and Tara are very close humans to me, and I know they have found happiness in each other for a lifetime. Here’s to all the giggles and dutch treats you can both handle xoxo

Love for the East Coast
Cute intimate wedding in Port Hope, Ont at "The Mill".
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And they called it Puppy love- Andrew and Kaela

This year has been a crazy one, from the rain that seemed it was never going to end to the Indian Summer we are having currently. It seems Mother Nature has no idea what to do, which I know has wreaked havoc on the nerves of all my couples. I have been fortunate to have very little rain at all of my weddings so far this year- Andrew and Kaela’s wedding day was no different.

My assistant went to take pictures of the guys getting ready, and although I was not there the pictures tell an interesting story- I think they had too much fun! The guys had some tequila shots as they got ready, they put on their custom jackets that had their gaming names sowed into them and then took goofy photos that make no sense to me but I am sure the groom had a great time explaining them to the bride lol. I arrived as Kaela had the finishing touches on her make up, we all anxiously watched the skies sprinkle with some good luck showers hoping it was going to pass. Her girls helped her into her dress, while the little flower girl watched a real life princess come to life, each parent came in to see their little girl and these are a few of my favorite photos from the day as the emotions ran high (I might have cried too)

They we wed on her parents huge property, where they have a dog kennel and breed dogs which meant I GOT TO SNUGGLE PUPPIES!!!! They made this amazing archway leading to the ceremony from old doors and little sentiments form each others childhood. It was by far one of the prettiest ceremony spots to date, the rain cleared up and equally beautiful words spoken during the vows. With such a stunning a large property there were endless possibilities for backdrops to capture these most amazing photos, and of course a super fun bridal party helps! My favorite part of every wedding day is when I steal the couple for a few private minutes away from all the guests. These produce the best raw, in the moment, fresh off the high of making their love official memories that last a lifetime. So, we went to the bottom of the property and just let Andrew and Kaela just be them.- I swoon over these photos.

Little unknown fact is Andrew’s roots are from Mexico and a full table of his family came from to celebrate these two becoming one, AND they prepared a musical set “Stand By Me”, It was pretty awesome! The dance floor was amazing, so full of character and some hilarious photos that perfectly capture the fun that this wedding truly was! All in all Andrew and Kalea’s wedding was perfection, I hope you love looking through these photos as much as I loved taking them. To see all the photos from the day click here.

Congrats you two, thank you for having me capture your beautiful day!

Winery Love- John and Brittany 2017

John and Brittany are young and in Love, you see it, you feel it and everyone around them oozes it with them.
This was my first and long anticipated wait to shoot at a winery.  The nuptials took place at Holland Marsh Winery in Newmarket Ont., such a quint little building with a rustic feel and endless backdrops on the property.
When I had arrived both John and Brittany were ready and waiting to do the first look.  I put john on a boardwalk over the water as he awaited his stunning bride. Brittany was walked down from the building by her big sister, which was a well of emotions on all ends.  As she approached her groom, you could feel the excitement between them and that first look was magic!
They opted to complete most photos before the ceremony, we fought sun and cloud but shooting at a winery filled all the expectations that I had- not to mention how freaking beautiful these two humans are… I could have shot  them all day.  Also I must say , I’m fully loving the navy suit and bridesmaids dress statement this year- it makes for a good looking wedding party! With the skies quickly getting darker we finished our photos literally as the skies opened up with rain.  The ceremony was stalled for about 45 min as they waited for the rain to blow over, and with luck they were married outside as planned.  They had a small Scottish tradition where John placed a sash on Brittany- I’m such a sucker for this type of thing.
Fast forward past the family photos and onto dancing and dinner, always my favorite part because I like food. Haha
Speeches are becoming my secret vice. The emotions of a girl growing up, becoming a woman and now a wife, the funny stories of the groom with his best man. Yep I’m the one hiding a tear behind my camera or bursting out in a laugh learning something funny about this new couple.  The kissing game was “pull a paper from a jar” and act, sing, etc. A Couple of the bridal party were brave enough to act out a movie for the couple to guess… can you guess from this picture?
Every year I challenge myself to learn a new technique- this year was off camera flash to create stunning silhouettes or light bursts for all the feels. I couldn’t be more happy how J & B’s first dance turned out… SWOON..

It truly was a beautiful day, despite the on and off rain, John and Brittany could not have asked for more.  Huge congrats you two and I can’t wait for your stunning babies.. not now, but maybe 5 years!! To see more photos from the wedding day click here


A little word from the couple-

“Just got it today and looked at the photos! Omg they're amazing! The colours and just the photos - the moments you captured!!! I'm in love with the photos! We finished going through them maybe 30 mins ago and my face hurt so bad from smiling at all of them. Thank you so much”

Duane and Sarah Carnival Theme Love

I have been patiently awaiting to blog this wedding. This is going to be long winded, but trust me it's worth every word. 

I met These two after reading on a Bride group that they were taken by another photographer and the amount kept increasing with many hidden costs (ARG!!) I jumped on this, not only because I felt horrible for them but because they were getting married in my little home town of Bailieboro- and this was on my bucket list of places to shoot of course. When I met Duane and Sarah they were the sweetest couple. They told me little about them- they have known each other since childhood at the trailer, they had separate lives but somehow made their way back to each other. He pursed hard and Sarah kept saying no, finally she accepted a date and soon a ring! they have 10 kids all together... yes 10!!! A couple sets of twins, adopting a niece and well, 10 kids aging 19- 1year... And you know, they have more sanity then I do with my 2 kids. 

They love having fun so they used that idea and created a Carnival Theme wedding. There was no detail left out, from the tears of joy hankies, custom label water bottles, amazing kids table, cut outs for picture taking, and table toppers "I love you more then the Carousel" (different on for each table) She had it covered. 

The day started out with all the girls getting ready and like I said for so much chaos Sarah was calm cool and collected. One of my favourite moments is seeing the dress, you often wonder what it says about them and if your vision is their vision. Sarah's dress was her %110. She looked like a southern goddess in it. It was such a pleasure watching the girls see their momma getting ready and the smiles coming from them all was heart warming.

Duane met his beautiful bride at the end of her aisle wearing, jeans, a vest and cowboy hat, accessorized with the biggest smile and welled up eyes. His dream and hard work had paid off!!  A small quaint ceremony, where guests had custom fans on the hot August afternoon to cool with, sitting hay bails. The emotions from the kids and family after the ceremony and for the rest of the day was overwhelming. So many tears of happiness, the feeling of being a complete and whole family was just too much to handle. I swear I could share every photo from this wedding and you would be in tears right along with them. 

We went into the picturesque town of Millbrook, Ont- again a bucket list for me. They have a quaint downtown and a nice creek and old mill in the middle of town. Sarah and Duane's first wedding location was originally under a willow tree, but the property was sold and they no longer could wed there. So I made sure we found the biggest Willow tree I could and took some stunning photos there. The way these two look at each other screams love, always a smile, a laugh or sparkle in their eyes.

Upon entering the reception they had their love story spoken, there was't a dry eye in house. It was so special to them as their life journey has been one for the books! they danced to their favourite song "Angle Eyes" and sang it to each other as if nobody else was there.  Dinner was served by the amazing Vintage Pizza Company based out of Port Hope, Ont., stone baked pizzas to die for! 

Sarah prepared a song to sing to her kids, It was so special and again the tears were flowing, as it brought the whole family dynamic together. She also danced the "This one's for the girls" by Martina Mc Bride with all her girls and even ones she babysat over the years, such a fun time.  Late night dessert was brought to us by my FAVOURITE ice-cream treat place, HollyWood Cone. If you haven't tried these guys you must, especially since they just opened one in Toronto and Whitby Ont. Also their cake was customs made to tell their love story from start to end, you MUST see this cake!

From beginning to end this wedding was super charged with emotion, love, detail and perfection. I'm so glad we also did video for this wedding so you can jump right in with them and be right where we were heart and soul.

Congrats Duane and Sarah, I was so honoured to capture your day for you, and thank you for helping me cross off a few of my bucket list. For more photos go here and to see the video, click here 

Joesph and Ashley Sept 2016- Old Flame Brewery filled with love

These two cool cats are possibly the most laid back young couple I have ever met. From the booking of the wedding day to the engagement photos and the wedding day, I never felt a drop of stress from these two.

As some may know I had a freak accident on Sept 20th 2016, and broke both my left wrist and left ankle. I knew I could still shoot a wedding with an assistant of course, but how do you break that to a couple?!  Although I'm sure they had doubts and worried they never showed it once when they found out- I likely was the least of their worries.  Turns out these love birds have been living apart for many months while Ashely was in training and Joe was building his business. They both literally flew in the night before their wedding and flew out a day after! Ashely got ready at the Piano Cafe in Port Perry with her mom and sister, they all laughed cracked jokes and got ready very laid back. Down the road Joe was waiting at the Old Flame Brewery in Port Perry, Ont- where they would wed and have finger foods with 50 of their closest family and friends. 

They choose to do a reveal and all of their photos before the ceremony, I just love reveals! Now, I've shot in Old Flame before, but this place never gets boring and Joe and Ashley are far from boring as well. It was terribly rainy and chilly outside so outdoor photos were not an option. The ceremony was sweet, many laughs and you just knew these two were totally meant to be. They had a live band for the music which was totally awesome! 

I could babble on about this wedding, but you can see it for yourself. These photos perfectly capture anything I can't put into words. 

Congratulations you two, It was a perfect day that expressed exactly who you both are. I know you will have many, MANY, years of laughs and love and your love will conquer all (even the distance you have o deal with right now!)

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Chris and Tarrah Sept 2016- All "fore" love

Ahhhh... these two. I've known Tarrah for a few years, capturing her and her 3 girls who have grown into ladies right before my eyes. Tarrah and her girls are full of charm, spunk, attitude and love for one another, they are always a fun session! So when Tarrah found her other half of course I was going to be the one to capture that love. 

Chris and Tarrah met at Carruthers Creek Golf Club, she worked there and he golfed there. They met on the 6th hole one day and their love grew from there.  Chris seems like a quiet guy when you meet him but, I quickly learned he's just as cooky as Tarrah- she indeed found her match!  

The wedding took place with closest of family and friends at Bowmanville City hall, her girls and his sons and daughter made up the bridal party.  It was a beautiful day that gave a bit of rain in the morning but cleared by the afternoon. The ceremony was quaint but no shortage of smiles, laughs and love. The way their eyes locked when she was walking toward him and the way they were just so ready to start this new chapter together. To unite the two families the had a sand ceremony, layering a colour per person, and it really turned out quite nice.  Tarrah's mom could't make it but with the amazing technology we have now mom was there via FaceTime for the ceremony and signing. 

Pictures were a blast and of course how could they not be? The girls all had matching navy dresses and everyone had Converse shoes on! Using city hall and downtown Bowmanville as some of the backdrop we captured some pretty cool pictures. Then we went to Carruthers Creek Golf course to do some more photos, why not come back full circle to the place they met at and brought them to where they were today?! Carruthers Creek Offers so many picturesque spots on their property, we had done the engagement photos out on the course- a first for the course, and came back to use the front property which is set up for the perfect wedding photos. I can't boast enough about this place. 

From the kids making faces in the photos, to the full out laughs from everyone (ok they may have also been laughing "with" me as I was 3 weeks in with a broken wrist AND ankle), these photos are exactly Chris and Tarrah. I am so honoured to have been the one to capture their day, their love and just simply... THEM. Congrats you two love birds on your hole in one! xo

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